Content is routable Content Type (e.g. pages with an attached URL like “/Team”) and a special “meta” (e.g. Articles, Profiles, Events, Streams, etc). These related Content Types inherit all the standard functionality and features of the Content entity. Content is automatically versionable. This API fetches all content (NOTE: in fact, not all, just most, e.g. not Menu, Streams, etc). If you want to only fetch a specific Content Type like Article, you would use that API.




Include Only Specific Content Types

Limit by one or more content types Example: options[contentType][]=Article

Exclude Content Types

Include all content types except the ones listed to exclude. Example: options[contentTypeExclude][]=Stream

Show Usable Content Types

Include a list of content types that are available to be created. This would be used on a content list page, in order to generate a list of “add” buttons. Example: options[showUsableContentTypes]=true

Show Used Content Types

Include a list of all content types that are used by this site. This would be used on a content list page, to create filters. Example: options[showUsedContentTypes]=true

Show Routing

The routes are always included in the query, so that we can get the primary. But this will make sure that the full list of routes is included in the API results. Example: options[showRouting]=true

Show Content Info

Include the extra information about the Content, including the main image and icon (based on content type). This is used on list pages in the admin. Example: options[showContentInfo]=true

Show Edit URL

Fetch and show the correct edit URL (this is used in the admin list pages and live edit pages so we know where to go to edit the record). Example: options[showEditUrl]=true

Hide Pages in Menu

Exclude pages that are already in the menu. Defaults to false, so it shows all pages. NOTE: This is a very unique use case where we are joining menus on content in a special way and we have to limit this for some reason. Example: options[flagNotInMenu]=true

Limit Menu to Specific ID

If set to showMenuLinks or flagNotInMenu, the default “main” menu will be used unless an alternative menuId is specified. Example: options[menuId]=true

Limit Fields Selected

Only select the fields listed in this array. Example: options[select][]=title

Avoid Selecting Specific Fields

Select all fields except the fields listed in this array. Example: options[unselect][]=name&options[unselect][]=title