Styling Standards

CSS Standards

We suggest you follow the styling guide located at: and declare files in the normal methods for Twig using Assetic in Sitetheory.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset('bundles/sitetheorystratus/stratus/bower_components/angular-material/angular-material' ~ minified ~ '.css') }}">

So, ideally, it will use the unminified version when you’re in design mode, otherwise the min version will be supplied to production.

LESS Standards

Using LESS is always a bit more complex, but allows for a level of dynamism that can provide a much simple updating, alteration, and maintenance scheme in the long run. For example:

background: url('@{asset}/bundles/sitetheorytemplatesencha/images/socialSlash.png') no-repeat right center;

We highly recommend using LESS, when applicable. Compilation and compression of these files works out of the box in most Sitetheory contexts.

Twig Compilation

This methodology allows for your LESS files to easily compile and compress appropriately within Sitetheory’s ecosystem.

{% stylesheets '@SitetheoryTemplateBundle/Resources/public/css/common.less' filter='less' filter='?uglifycss' filter='cssrewrite' %}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ asset_url }}">
{% endstylesheets %}